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Our core covers are Professional indemnity and Business legal protect, you can add other covers as needed.

Protect your legal exposures

A torn contract.

Professional indemnity

Defends your business against legal threats from unhappy clients claiming your mistake cost them. Suited PI cover also pays compensation if due.

Cartoon of a barrister.

Business legal protect

Protects you and your business against commercial disputes, claims, IR35 & HMRC enquiries, criminal prosecutions, negative PR and identity theft. It also offers free tax, legal and counselling assistance.

Half a cup of water, with some water spilt.

Public & product liability

Defends your business against legal threats from third parties claiming you’ve caused them injury or property damage. Suited PL cover also pays compensation if due.

Protect your equipment

Cartoon of a laptop computer.

Electronic business equipment

Pays repair or replacement costs of business equipment and accessories you own or hire.

Protect yourself

Woman in a suit wearing a cape

Business owner protect

Pays a lump sum if you suffer a serious accident and pays your business expenses if you’re too ill to work.


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