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Commercial legal expenses insurance.
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What is commercial legal expenses insurance?

It is commercial legal protection insurance for businesses and the self-employed that can be used in a range of situations concerning your business activities.

Also know as business legal expenses Insurance, this cover pays for the cost of legal defence (or offence if you're the one bringing a claim against a third party) as long as you have over 50% chance of winning.

What does commercial legal expenses insurance cover?

The core element is to provide legal assistance and defence at no cost to you when you're facing a claim against you or if you wish to bring a claim against a third party.

Each insurance provider offers a slightly different cover. Some covers are very focused around one issue, e.g. IR35 legislation. Others respond to a wider variety of business legal and tax issues:

  • Commercial disputes
  • Legal claims against your business
  • IR35 and other HMRC investigations
  • Criminal prosecutions
  • Negative PR
  • Compliance & regulation issues
  • Unpaid invoices

Do I need commercial legal protection insurance?

Business legal expenses is not considered an essential cover and it is never contractually required.

Therefore when deciding whether you need it, let your industry, customer type, business partners and industry regulations be your guide.

Take estate agents as an example. Facing an unpaid invoice following a sale below the asking price or a treat of a fine from the regulator is very common. These types of legal threats will not be covered by professional indemnity or public liability insurance.

Contract disputes are common across all industries and even though you have a strong position, you may not be able to pursue a claim against your client or business partner due the high legal costs.

On the other hand with business legal expenses insurance, you have access to legal advice and defence if your case is strong.

How much is business legal expenses insurance?

The costs usually starts from £25 per year but it can be as high as a couple of hundreds, depending on the provider.

At Suited we included commercial legal expenses with every subscription because we consider it essential cover for small business and self employed professionals.

They are the customer types who would struggle to meet the cost of a solicitor or have the time and resources to chase bad debt.

How does commercial legal expenses cover work?

Our Suited product is called Business Legal Protect and it will provide you with qualified legal advice and assistance.

The legal team will consider your situation and recommend the best steps. If your claim is accepted, the legal team will guide you through every step from the outset and when they consider it prudent, they'll to take over to represent your best interest.

However, with Business Legal Protect you can also initiate a claim against a third party.

If you are facing a claim against you or want to pursue a claim against a third party, your chances of success must be greater than 50%. This is often expresses as a reasonal prospect of success.

The key phrase point is "a reasonable prospect of success".

The chances are determined by the insurance provider legal team. Once you've submitted all the details, they'll consider the claim and let you know whether they agree to represent you.

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Additional benefits with Suited:

You'll have access to free and unlimited access to:

Telephone tax & commercial legal advice

Negative PR assistance hotline

Counselling by phone for you and your staff

Legal template library & document generator

Identity theft assistance

How much commercial legal expenses insurance do I need?

Based on the fact that most disputes can be ironed out through mediation, £100,000 should be plenty.

In the rare event of having to defend your business in the court of law, the amount should cover a substantial part of your legal costs and, of course, how much you'll need to spend will probably depend a lot on how far you're prepared to go.

Remember that compensation or additional tax if you are found liable is not covered by Business Legal Protect.

Suited Business Legal Protect does cover the fees associated with mediation and will help you find the right professionals who'll guide and represent you throughout the whole process provided your case meets the 50% rule.

In this section
Review the policy

Before purchasing any insurance product, you should always view the policy documents. Understand what's covered, excluded and the claims conditions.

Business Legal Protect
Policy Wording
Business Legal Protect is included with Suited professional indemnity

Business Legal Protect cannot be purchased independently but instead is included as standard when you buy Suited professional indemnity insurance.

Answer 4 questions to get an instant price.
Answer 4 questions to get a price.
Other covers we offer

Our insurance starts with professional indemnity, a must have for professionals who give advice or provide a service as part of their business activity. You can add to your policy other useful covers as needed.

Core cover
Professional indemnity

Insurance against professional mistakes.

Add on
Public liability

Protects against claims from thrid parties.

Add on
Electronic business equipment

Covers your portable business equipment.

Add on
Business owner protect

Reimburses expenses if you become ill.

What people say
2 March
Extremely impressed

Extremely impressed with the professional and supportive service I received.

Kellie Williams
on Google
16 February
Very efficient

After shopping around for business liability cover, I found suited, I had a few questions and Jana from suited was very efficient...

on Trustpilot
14 February

The website is easy to use and the process is intuitive, clear and easy to follow.

Matt M
on Trustpilot
11 February

I was recommended Suited, because I’d been stalling. Simple to use website, offered clear, concise information and selection...

on Trustpilot
12 December

Really fantastic service by the suited insure team! Always found the insurance side to be a bit confusing but the team took me...

Michael Ryan
on Google
15 September

A simple and flexible service for what I required. Great communication from start to finish.

Matthew Allen
on Google
1 August

I was looking for business insurance this easy to use and very well explained web site made the process simple and painless. Had a quote...

Piers Field
on Trustpilot

Common questions

How does Suited Business Legal Protect help with unpaid invoices?

Any invoice over £200 that remains unpaid by your client, can be handed over and it will be formally chased on your behalf.

How does the telephone counselling work?

The counselling is provided by telephone and it is available for anyone in the business and their families.

How can Suited Business Legal Protect help during IR35 investigation?

A qualified accountant and legal representative will be appointed to your case to deal with the investigation on your behalf. Suited Business Legal Protect also covers the cost of appeals. Remember your chances of success must be over 50%.

How can Suited Business Legal Protect help with negative PR?

You will have access to PR experts (cover up to £25,000) who will help you manage the situation to repair the reputational damage.

Will Suited Business Legal Protect pay my legal costs if I make a claim against someone else?

An assessment is undertaken first to asses the chances of success. If it is deemed to be more than 50%, you will have the support to go ahead.

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