How Suited works

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quote in 4 steps

Get a quote in under 60 seconds

At the risk of looking uninterested we only ask 4 simple questions before we show you your price. We only get personal if you want us to email you the quote and get more curious about what you do for a living if you decide to buy.

Our must have core cover is professional indemnity insurance. That's because our focus is on professions that really benefit from this type of insurance. Our customers can also pick one or more from our additional products which we think might come handy.

Have a play to see how your price changes and don't forget to flick through the cover documents for more info.

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Buy online

Get insured anytime

Once you're happy with your price and covers you can proceed to purchase your insurance on our website any time of day, we are fully automated.

Get your documents immediately

All supporting documents to your insurance cover are created and safely stored in your customer portal. After your purchase you will be emailed instructions on how to create your login so that you can access and download the documents anytime.

24/7 do-it-yourself customer portal

We have an amazing customer help line but it is important to us that our customers have the power to make changes, updates or cancellations whenever it suits them.

There is nothing our customer portal won’t allow you to do provided your payments are up to date. In fact, only you can make certain changes such as updating your debit card details or make changes to your cover.

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Pay as you go

Pay monthly, no APR or policy fees

With Suited you only pay the monthly insurance premium you have been quoted. At the point of purchase you will set up your monthly subscription using your pay card.

We will take the first payment straightaway and keep collecting future payments around your cover start date until you tell us otherwise. We don’t charge any APR or policy fees in addition to your monthly insurance premium.

Get equal treatment

We review our customers' subscriptions regularly to ensure that we treat everyone the same. Whether you are new or have been with us for years, we offer everyone the best we can at any given time. We will always give you heads up at least 28 days before your deal is about to change so you can review it and make the right decision going forward.

A plus rating.
trusted insurers

Backed by top UK insurers

Your Suited insurance is underwritten by some of the best UK based insurers.

Great American International Insurance (UK) Limited

If you buy from us, your Professional Indemnity, Public & Products Liability, Electronic Business Equipment and Business Owner Protect covers will be underwritten by Great American International Insurance (UK) Limited. Great American International Insurance (UK) Limited is A+ rated by Standard & Poor’s.


Business Legal Protect is provided by ARAG, a legal cover specialist which has been assisting and helping businesses in legal and other matters since 2006.

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No extra fees

Flex your cover as your business grows

If you need to update your insurance cover to match your changing business needs, we will ask you to go through your previous answers and update the information. At the end we will quote you a new monthly price.

If you choose to proceed, your current deal will be cancelled and replaced with a more suitable deal. We will also take the first payment of your new deal straightaway and refund for the remaining time of your last monthly subscription.

No extra charges

Changing your policy or updating your company or personal won't cost you anything extra, whether you do it yourself through the customer portal or by calling us.

Make changes anytime

Our customer portal is available 24/7 so that you can make updates when it suits you. We will always send you an email to confirm the changes.

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Holiday mode

Pay less when not working

With Suited you can 'hibernate' your professional indemnity cover when you're in between contracts. This means you'll pay less while staying insured against claims resulting from previous work.

When you plan to take some time out, you want to stay covered for previous work but not necessarily pay the full professional indemnity premium when you have no work on. Simply login to your customer portal and click on 'hibernate'. Read the info, proceed and save.

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Cancel anytime

Relax, cancellation is hassle free

You can cancel your cover anytime either by phoning us or doing it yourself from the customer portal. As we run a monthly subscription model, your insurance cover will run out at the end of the last monthly cycle and no more payments will be taken. We will always drop you a line to confirm.

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UK call centre

Get help from our Bristol based team

Our customer support is based in the UK and available weekdays between 8.30am to 5.30am. The team is there to answer your questions and help.

Non advisory service

Please note our service is non advisory. That means that while we can explain in more detail our insurance products and whether they are suitable for your business, you'll need to decide what's best for you.

Ready to get started?

The fast and hassle free way to get business insurance for small professional outfits.


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