About us

Every year in the UK hundreds of thousands of people work as freelancers or self-employed contractors. However despite the Financial Conduct Authority best efforts many still fall prey to bad customer service, unreasonable policy fees, unjustified charges and unnecessary interest on insurance premiums.

That's what motivated us to start Suited.

Man in a suit carrying a laptop and briefcase standing next to a woman in a suit.
Man in a suit carrying a laptop and briefcase standing next to a woman in a suit.
Suited Self Employed Insurance
Our story

Suited Insure Ltd.

Having been part of the insurance world for some years, we were always happy to help our friends navigate the murky waters but then it occurred to us we could do better than that.

We could actually create the kind of upfront, straightforward and fair business insurance experience we ourselves always wished for:

  • Fab customer service
  • Smooth piece of technology that works
  • Fair upfront pricing with no hidden extras
  • Experienced claims handling

The kind of business insurance we would be proud to offer to friends and in turn they would be happy to recommend it to theirs.

And so we have, welcome to Suited.

Our Principles

Simplify the experience

Whether online or on the phone, we make it clear, we make it quick and we make it easy. Buying from us is fair and risk free.

Be helpful

We take time to understand our customers and their business in order to offer a relevant solution.

Be easy to contact

We offer multiple ways to get hold of us. We answer calls within moments and write back as soon as we can.

Be a stand up guy

We say how it is and tell a customer if our product isn’t right the right solution. We value feedback and embrace criticism.

Who we work with

A+ rated partners

It is important to us that the values of our partners match those of Suited. This is why we have selected partners whose focus is solely on the customer experience and benefit. We want our products to be of a real use to our customers and our insurers to be there when life gets tough.

Great American International Insurance (UK) Limited
is part of Great American Insurance Group whose roots go back to 1872 with the founding of its flagship company Great American Insurance Company, and is A+ rated by Standard & Poor’s.

In other words, a wealth of experience, stability and an impressive history of financial strength. Add to that superior customer service and a positive attitude to paying claims and you understand why we really wanted them to back our Suited insurance products.

We at Great American specialise in the provision of quality insurance products and create insurance solutions for schemes and affinity groups in the UK.

We’re a member of Great American Insurance Group which has over 30 divisions and employs nearly 8,500 people at some 120 offices globally.

We’re proud to offer quality insurance products, superior customer service and a history of financial strength.

John Heaney
Great American International
Insurance (UK) Limited

Man in suit with glasses carrying a cup of coffee.

ARAG UK was founded in 2006 and their the vision was simple yet revolutionary “To enable everybody, not just those who can afford it, to assert their legal rights“.

That's why we met with ARAG to talk about our vision and understand how their offering could strengthen our customers' position when faced with legal, tax, PR or personal problems. The talks resulted in the creation of Suited Business Legal Protect, a custom designed bolt-on to Suited professional indemnity to provide our customers with an all encompassing legal shield for their business.


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