Business Owner Protect

from £10.07 / month

Business overheads and personal accident cover for small business owners that lends a financial hand to you, the business owner, if you become too ill to work. It will reimburse your taxable business expenses up to 6 months and pay a lump sum if you suffer a life changing accident.

Answer 4 simple questions to get an instant price.
Answer 4 questions to get a price.
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What is business overheads insurance?

This is quite a new product to the market and very few providers offer it. It is triggered by an accident or sickness of the insured person and for a period of time the cover should cover the business outgoings. When buying one of these covers, you usually have to answer a lot of personal questions.

At Suited we wanted to avoid all the hassle and get you covered as quickly as possible. That's why we only ask the number of owners to be covered and the limit that will comfortably cover any tax deductible ongoing business expenses. Some activities and pre existing conditions are excluded. Please read the policy document before you buy.

What's covered

What does business overheads insurance cover?

Business Owner Protect has been designed for contractors, freelancers and small business owners whose absence from work would have a negative financial impact on making business ends meet. Suited Business Owner Protect cover consists of two parts:

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Business overheads

The business overheads section reimburses your taxable business expenses while you’re recovering from your illness or injury.

Up to £2,000 a month

Up to 6 months following the first 30 days of illness

Any tax deductible expenses included

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Personal accident

The personal accident section will pay out a lump sump if you suffer an accident leaving you with partial or total disablement:

£5,000 lump sum

Fast customer service

Quick payout


Who needs business overheads insurance?

One of the biggest risks you as a business owner face is if something happens to you. If you become too ill or badly injured, you can’t continue to work or run your business.

Business Owner Protect won’t replace the lost income but it will take care of your business outgoings while you’re getting better. One of the costs covered are the recruitment fees if you can temporarily replace yourself with another contractor to keep your business going.

Woman with a broken arm making an insurance claim.Woman with a broken arm making an insurance claim.

How much business overheads insurance do I need?

The limit selected should ideally match the total value of the business outgoings that you will have to be pay while you are recovering or winding your business down. Some commitments can be cancelled immediately to reduce unnecessary expenses but other services have to stay in place to keep the business going.

Work out what your business outgoings are now and how you could reduce them if needed. With that in mind have a think whether you need your business expenses insurance to cover all of the remaining expenses or just a proportion. The latter saves on the insurance premium. The former leaves a greater piece of mind and don't forget that the costs of your business expenses insurance would be reimbursed as part of your claim.


Review the policy wording

Before purchasing any insurance product, you should always view the policy documents. Understand what's covered, excluded and the claims conditions.

Business Owner Protect
Policy Wording

Prices start from

£10.07 / month

Business Owner Protect can be purchased as an add-on to professional indemnity. Limits start at £250 a month and price depends on the amount of business expenses covered.

Answer 4 simple questions to get an instant price.
Answer 4 questions to get a price.

Common questions

What are tax deductible business expenses?

Anything the HRMC allows you to put down on your tax return Suited Business Owner Protect will reimburse. Typical monthly outgoings can be insurance premiums, loan interest, wages, rent, utilities, telephone & internet costs, or accountant fees. One off costs such as recruitment fees to temporarily replace you or the associated wages would be also covered.

Are my employees covered by Suited Business Owner Protect?

As the name suggests, the cover is only for the business owners of the insured business.

Do I need personal accident cover?

Personal accident cover is a quick cash injection when you need it the most.

How much personal accident cover do I need?

Suited Business Owner Protect will pay up to £5,000 but perhaps that may not be enough for your life circumstances. There is no limit on how many personal accident covers you can hold.

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Other covers we offer

Our insurance starts with professional indemnity, a must have for professionals who give advice or provide a service as part of their business activity. You can add to your policy other useful covers as needed.

Core cover

Professional indemnity

Insurance against professional mistakes.


Business legal protect

Supports you during tax and legal disputes.

Add on

Public & products liability

Protects against claims from thrid parties.

Add on

Electronic business equipment

Covers your portable business equipment.


Professional service and a peace of mind

My work contract requires professional indemnity insurance. Suited were quick to call back and very helpful explaining the product to me. Suited offers a trustworthy, professional service and a peace of mind.

Evie Jarecki

Suited was super efficient

Suited was easy to use, to the point, concise, I found everything I was looking for , was covered. The process was efficient and quick. Fast forms to fill in. I think the price was pretty competitive too.

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I was looking for business insurance…

I was looking for business insurance this easy to use and very well explained web site made the process simple and painless. Had a quote in minutes.

Piers Field
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Answer 4 simple questions to get an instant price.
Answer 4 questions to get a price.


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