Public liability insurance

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There to protect you as a freelancer, contractor or a small business if, despite doing everything right, a customer or third party accuses you of causing them an injury or property damage.

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A man in a suit carrying a briefcase, walking and slipping on a puddle of water.
A man in a suit carrying a briefcase, walking and slipping on a puddle of water.
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cover Up to £2M
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What is public liability insurance?

Public liability insurance is a legal cover which provides legal defence paid for by the insurers if as a result of your business activities you face an accusation of having caused:

  • An injury to a customer or a third party
  • Physical damage to third party property
  • Death to a customer or a third party

For example if when visiting a client's premises you spilled your drink over a valuable carpet, you may be asked to pay for it. A more classic example is a client suffering a bad fall while in your office and now asking you to pay their medical bills.

Therefore if you, as a self employed individual or a small business, engage face to face with customers, members of the public or any other external third parties, public liability insurance is your peace of mind.

What's covered

What does public liability insurance cover?

Suited public liability cover will appoint an experienced legal team who will work on your behalf to deal with the claim, it will pick up all the legal costs and if it comes to it, pay any compensation due.

The type of compensation depends on the nature of the claim. Common examples are medical bills, the cost of repair or replacement of damaged property, but it could also be a financial compensation associated with someone's inability to earn following an injury caused by your business.

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Core cover

Suited public & product liability includes:

Up to £2,000,000 cover

Zero excess

Dedicated legal team

A+ insurer

Includes products liability

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Additional benefits

These additional benefits protect you as the business owner against:

Criminal proceedings (£50,000 cover)

Overseas personal liability

Claims against your client caused by your business

Court attendance costs (£10,000 cover)


Who needs public liability insurance?

If at any point during the course of your daily business activities you have face to face contact with your customers, members of the public or third parties, you should take time to understand the benefits of PL cover.

Without public liability insurance you could face serious financial implications, should someone make a claim against you. Legal costs add up very quickly not to mention any possible payout.

However, there are other reasons why you might need public liability insurance:

  • Your work contract requires it. If you don't comply with the contract condition and it is discovered, you may lose work and be in breach of contract.
  • Pitching for work. Having public liability insurance in place is a competitive advantage which could help you secure a work opportunity. Always mention it to prospect customers.
  • It's a trade/profession membership condition. Certain profession need or want to become part of professional bodies or trade associations and PL insurance is a registration requirement. If you fail to comply, you could be struck off.
Two men standing. One man is wearing a pink jumper and one man is wearing braces.Two men standing. One man is wearing a pink jumper and one man is wearing braces.

How much public liability insurance do I need?

The good news is that the number of PL claims made has reduced in the last decade. On the other hand it seems that almost every claim results in defence costs and some kind of compensation.

We have learnt that in 2020 the UK registered over 70,000 PL claims and about 90% of those have resulted in a settlement.

Where compensation is concerned, it varies from claim to claim as you would expect. In respect of bodily injury it is always several thousands at the lower end and has been known to go up close to £500,000 for more severe injuries. Settlements for property damage can be a lot higher and run into millions.

Therefore if you regularly meet the members of the public or your clients face to face in the course of your business activities, you'll need to consider the level of risk those activities carry. For example if your office is on the top floor of an old building without a lift with steep stairs and no handrail, the likelihood of one of your visitors suffering a fall is quite high.

In other words the circumstances of your business should be the guide to you to determine what PL limit you need to buy.


Review the policy wording

Before purchasing any insurance product, you should always view the policy documents. Understand what's covered, excluded and the claims conditions.

Public and Products Liability
Policy Wording

Prices start from

£4.76 / month

Suited public & products liability insurance is available as an add-on to professional indemnity. Limits start at £500,000 and price depends on the limit selected.

Answer 4 simple questions to get an instant price.
Answer 4 questions to get a price.
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Common questions

Do I need public liability insurance as a sole trader?

Operating as a sole trader leaves everything you own exposed if a claim is made against you. The defence legal costs can put you quickly in debt and your home could be at risk too.

Is public liability insurance compulsory?

There is no law in the UK that requires a business or a self employed individual to hold public liability insurance. However, your professional standards body may require it.

What is the difference between employers' liability and public liability?

It’s about the origin of the claim against you. If it’s coming from a customer or a third party, then it’s likely to be covered under your PL cover. Claims from your employees would typically fall under Employers’ Liability insurance.

Do I need public liability insurance for a limited company?

Just because your business is incorporated doesn’t mean it needs a PL cover. It’s the physical contact the business has with customers and third parties, either directly or via supply of products, that determines the need.

Can you claim public liability insurance on tax returns?

Yes, the premium you pay is a tax deductible expense of your business. In Suited customer portal you can easily access the history of your payments for tax purposes.

Can I get public liability insurance for one month?

Yes, with Suited you can buy public liability insurance month by month as needed.


Other covers we offer

Our insurance starts with professional indemnity, a must have for professionals who give advice or provide a service as part of their business activity. You can add to your policy other useful covers as needed.

Core cover

Professional indemnity

Insurance against professional mistakes.


Business legal protect

Supports you during tax and legal disputes.

Add on

Electronic business equipment

Covers your portable business equipment.

Add on

Business owner protect

Reimburses expenses if you become ill.


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Answer 4 simple questions to get an instant price.
Answer 4 questions to get a price.


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