Electronic business equipment insurance

There to protect your business against costly repairs or replacement costs of electronic business equipment and accessories that you own or hire to do your job.

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Suited electronic business equipment benefits

Suited electronic business equipment cover works on a repair and replacement cost basis and it is sold as an additional cover rather than a stand alone product. This approach allows us to keep the insurance premium down while still providing useful protection for your business equipment.

Suited electronic business equipment cover is backed up by an A+ insurer, a dedicated claims team with years of experience, and a reputation of settling claims fast:

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Core cover

Key features of Suited electronic business equipment cover:

  • Up to £10,000 cover (£3,500 per item)
  • Accessories included (£500 per item)
  • Hired equipment covered
  • In the office, home and away

*Note: Suited does not cover mobiles.

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Additional benefits

Additional reasons to consider Suited electronic business equipment cover:

  • Experienced claims team
  • Fast customer service
  • Repairs and replacement arranged for you
  • Backed by A+ insurer

Our guide to business equipment insurance

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What does business equipment insurance typically cover?

The core cover is the physical damage and theft. Some covers may also extend to include lost or misplaced items, consequential financial loss (for example expensive calls made from your stolen phone), data recovery and electrical breakdown.

Another important element is where the equipment is covered. Most of us take some of our equipment with us when we commute or travel. Some covers impose lower limits or a higher excess. Always check the documentation before buying.

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Should you buy insurance for business equipment?

Most freelancers, solopreneurs and small businesses can’t operate very long without their gadgets and sometimes finding the extra funds to pay for the repair or buying a new one without the assistance of insurance can cause headaches.

Suited electronic business equipment, as the name suggests, focuses on any mains or battery powered items, such as:

  • Laptops
  • Computers
  • Scanners
  • Printers
  • Photocopiers

But it also extends to more specialist equipment typical for professions such as:

  • Photography and videography
  • Television and broadcasting.
  • Radio
  • Measurement process in engineering and research
  • Telecommunications

When making that decision, it's always good to consider your backup plan. Do you have a replacement device that you can use instead? Do you have the financial capacity to purchase replacement equipment? And then there is of course the factor of the insurance premium. If too high, perhaps this is a risk you're prepared to take.

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What limit should I select for my business equipment?

That is a very good question. Ideally you want to select a limit which represents the value of all of your equipment when together in one place.  

For example if you travel frequently and you always take your equipment with you, the question is how much is it all worth? But then again there might only be the one piece of equipment you're particularly worried about and that might determine the limit you want to buy.

At Suited we don't insist on any particular approach, nor do we ask you to list all your items before you buy the cover. With us you simply choose a limit which may represent all your items or just those that are most at risk. That we leave entirely up to you.

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Is business equipment insurance worth it?

The more inclusive your cover (old for new, consequential loss, electronic data recovery, mysterious disappearance, etc.), the more premium you’re likely to pay and also the more conditions you’ll have to comply with in order to make a valid claim.

At Suited we focus on providing the essential cover of physical damage, whether accidental or malicious, and theft to keep your insurance costs down.

Whether it's worth depends on your personal circumstances and your back up plan if something goes wrong with your equipment. Perhaps you have another laptop you can use or enough saved in the bank to buy another one. Consider all your options, look at the insurance price and then decide.


Common Questions

Where does Suited electronic business equipment cover my items?

At home, in the office, while travelling anywhere in the world.

What is the excess under Suited electronic business equipment cover?

You’ll pay the first £100 of every claim you make.

How does Suited electronic business equipment cover work?

Where your equipment has suffered a repairable damage, we’ll ask you to send it to us and we’ll get it fixed for you. If you’ve lost a piece of equipment, you’ll need to provide some kind of proof and we’ll either arrange a replacement or pay you the cost.

What does Suited electronic business equipment cover?

Your equipment will be insured against physical damage and theft.

How quickly does Suited pay claims?

Where you’ve given us all the right information, we can arrange a repair or replacement within days.


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