Electronic business equipment insurance

from £9.24 / month

There to protect your bank balance against expensive repairs or replacement costs of electronic business equipment and accessories that you own or hire to do your job.

Answer 4 simple questions to get an instant price.
Answer 4 questions to get a price.
A camera, a mobile phone, a laptop and a banana
A camera, a mobile phone, a laptop and a banana
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Repair or replace
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UNLIMITED worldwide cover
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What is electronic business equipment insurance?

Suited electronic business equipment, as the name suggests, protects any mains or battery powered items. The range goes beyond laptops or computers. Suited covers all specialist electronic equipment - laser measuring devices used by interior designers, flashguns needed by photographers, GoPro relied on by videographers, blood pressure monitors increasingly necessary for personal trainers - and much more.

What's covered

What does electronic business equipment insurance cover?

Suited electronic business equipment cover works on a repair and replacement cost basis following a case of physical damage or theft.

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Core cover

Equipment up to £10,000 cover (£3,500 per item)

Accessories are included (£500 per item)

Hired equipment is covered

Repairs and replacements arranged by us or you

Worldwide - your devices are covered anywhere you are

These are only a few examples what could be covered by Suited business electronic equipment insurance:

DJ mixers
Fitness devices
Gym technology
VR sets
3D printers
and much more...
A mobile phone.
A laptop computer with a plant and a stack of pencils.
A brown backpack and a tablet computer.

Who needs electronic business equipment insurance?

Any self employed professional who would find it difficult to cover the cost of an expensive repair or a replacement might like to consider this cover.

This is particularly true if the electronic equipment you use is on a lease. In this situation you need to ask yourself whether you would be able to afford to buy a replacement while still keeping up with repayments on the lost item.

Lots of non manual professions are based online these days. Take a bookkeeper or an accountant as example. Without continuous access to a computer or laptop, they may struggle to keep on top of their work schedule if they have to take time to think about how to finance the repair or replacement.

Cartoon of woman sitting at a desk typing on a laptop.Cartoon of woman sitting at a desk typing on a laptop.

How much electronic business equipment insurance do I need?

You should consider the total value of your essential business equipment, where it’s stored and the possibility of losing it all during an unfortunate event.

This includes while being on the move. You may not be worried about your equipment when in the safety of your home or office but what about you go away? You probably take some of your equipment with you. Look at what the total value is. If you bag got stolen or suffered a bad damage by the airport staff, how much would it cost you to replace the kit?

Suited covers your equipment and accessories worldwide for an unlimited amount of time.

Review the policy wording

Before purchasing any insurance product, you should always view the policy documents. Understand what's covered, excluded and the claims conditions.

Electronic Business Equipment
Policy Wording

Prices start from

£9.24 / month

Suited electronic business equipment insurance is available as an add-on to Suited professional indemnity. Limits start at £2,500 and price depends on the limit selected.

Answer 4 simple questions to get an instant price.
Answer 4 questions to get a price.
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Common questions

Where does Suited electronic business equipment cover my items?

At home, in the office, while travelling anywhere in the world.

What is the excess under Suited electronic business equipment cover?

You’ll pay the first £100 of every claim you make.

How does Suited electronic business equipment cover work?

Where your equipment has suffered a repairable damage, we’ll ask you to send it to us and we’ll get it fixed for you. If you’ve lost a piece of equipment, you’ll need to provide some kind of proof and we’ll either arrange a replacement or pay you the cost.

What does Suited electronic business equipment cover?

Your equipment will be insured against physical damage and theft.

How quickly does Suited pay claims?

Where you’ve given us all the right information, we can arrange a repair or replacement within days.


Other covers we offer

Our insurance starts with professional indemnity, a must have for professionals who give advice or provide a service as part of their business activity. You can add to your policy other useful covers as needed.

Core cover

Professional indemnity

Insurance against professional mistakes.


Business legal protect

Supports you during tax and legal disputes.

Add on

Public liability

Protects against claims from thrid parties.

Add on

Business owner protect

Reimburses expenses if you become ill.


My work contract requires professional indemnity insurance. Suited were quick to call back and very helpful explaining the product to me. Suited offers a trustworthy, professional service and a peace of mind.

Evie Jarecki

Suited was easy to use, to the point, concise, I found everything I was looking for , was covered. The process was efficient and quick. Fast forms to fill in. I think the price was pretty competitive too.

Justin Leo

I was looking for business insurance this easy to use and very well explained web site made the process simple and painless. Had a quote in minutes.

Piers Field
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Answer 4 simple questions to get an instant price.
Answer 4 questions to get a price.


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