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How to become a life coach in the UK

How to become a life coach in the UK

If you’re a natural problem solver and often find yourself supporting others to work through their issues and reach their goals, becoming a life coach could be a great way to make a living from your natural skills. As a life coach, you’ll help others achieve their personal and professional goals.

If you are interested in learning how to become a life coach in the UK, there are several steps you can take to begin this exciting new career journey.

How to become a life coach?

So, step one, let's address the most common question: "how to become a life coach?" To become a life coach, you don't need any specific educational qualifications. Wisdom and experience go a long way in this profession, so qualifications aren’t explicitly needed. 

However, it’s extremely important that you have a solid understanding of human psychology, know how to coach people and have strong communication skills. There are various ways you can go about building these skills, including attending training programmes, reading relevant books and gaining practical experience in the field. 

What legal aspects should I consider when starting a life coaching business?

If you are interested in starting your own life coaching business, it’s important that you consider the legal and financial aspects of the profession. This includes registering your business, setting up a system for managing your finances, and making sure you have the correct life coaching insurance policies to protect your business. 

Many life coaches choose to be self-employed, meaning that things like finances and taxes are their responsibility to manage. 

Getting paid to be a life coach

As much as you will have been drawn to this profession to help others, you will no doubt be wondering how to become a life coach and get paid. There are several ways to monetise your life coaching skills to create a viable living. One way is to charge for your coaching services on an hourly or project basis. This will suit those who enjoy working closely with people and have great interpersonal skills. 

Another way is to create and sell products such as books, videos, courses, and other products related to life coaching. You should be clear at this stage on what kind of business you want to create - will you work directly with the public, or impart your knowledge and insight indirectly via books or other mediums?

Do I need qualifications to become a life coach?

When it comes to life coach qualifications UK legislation doesn’t impose any specific requirements. However, to give yourself a professional edge, many life coaches rely on organisations that offer certifications and accreditations for life coaches. These certifications are not mandatory, but they can help you build your credibility and gain the trust of potential clients.

Two of the most well-known organisations that offer life coach certifications are the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Association for Coaching (AC). 

The ICF is a global organisation with over 25 years experience in setting standards for the coaching profession. ICF provides training and support to its members, helping you to get the credentials and training you’ll need to stand out amongst other coaches. 

On the other hand, the AC is a UK-based organisation that promotes excellence in coaching and provides support to its members. One webinar they offer is a free introduction to life coaching. Their webinars are repeated often at a range of different times to suit your existing work and life commitments. 

How to become a life coach online

Life can be busy and demanding, so finding the time to attend all the different training you need might seem overwhelming. The good news is that there are many online resources available that can help you become a life coach in your own time. You can find online courses, webinars and coaching programmes that will help you develop your coaching skills. 

Ultimately, your success as a life coach, whether certified or not, will depend on your ability to effectively help clients achieve their goals and address their needs. Building a strong reputation and client base may require persistence, dedication, and a commitment to ongoing self-improvement.

However, make sure you research the providers of training courses and confirm they are reputable and that they will offer you the skills and insight you need. Don’t waste your money on a course that won’t be recognised by your life coaching peers or potential clients! 

How to become a life coach without certification?

It is possible to become a life coach without certification, however, this can make it more difficult to establish credibility and gain the trust of potential clients.

Certification can enhance your credibility and open up more opportunities in the field. However, if you choose to embark on this journey without formal qualifications, here are some of the steps that can help you become a life coach:

  • Work on your interpersonal skills: Develop strong communication skills which are essential for effective coaching.
  • Gain Practical Experience: Start practicing your coaching skills by offering free coaching sessions to friends, family, or volunteers. Later you can seek opportunities to coach individuals or groups, either pro bono or for a nominal fee, to build your experience.
  • Find a niche: Look at your background and interest. It's always easier to launch s new career based on already establish skills and knowledge. It will also make it easier for you to attract client since you'll be able to identify with easier.
  • Build your networking: Being a life coach is a face to face business. Knowing as many people in your niche as possible will serve you well. Join social media, talk about your craft, become members of professional groups and join in the conversation.
  • Keep learning: While you may start life coaching without qualification, you will need to find time to stay updated on coaching trends, tools, and techniques by attending workshops, reading books, and engaging in self-study.
  • Connect with other life coaches: Consider seeking mentorship or guidance from experienced coaches, either through informal networks or online communities, to share experiences and insights.
  • Professional membership: Although not required, consider joining a professional coaching association. A membership can provide access to resources, networking opportunities, and a sense of community. However, many associations require some level of qualifications or experience.    

How much does it cost to become a life coach?

Now that you’re certain you want to become a life coach and know the basics on what training programmes you should look into, your next question will no doubt be about how much it costs to become a life coach. 

The cost of becoming a life coach varies depending on the training programmes or certifications you choose to complete. You should see the training you complete before becoming a life coach as an investment. You’ll likely be able to charge a higher amount for your services or products and build a wider customer base with respected training accreditations behind you. 

Some training programmes can cost several thousand pounds, while others are more affordable and suit lower budgets. You will need to research different options and choose a programme that fits your unique budget and needs.

Becoming a life coach in the UK can be a rewarding and fulfilling career choice. We hope this guide has answered some of your initial questions and set you on your way as the next best life coach in your local area. 

Don’t forget, whether you choose to attend a training programme in person, gain practical experience, or learn online, there are countless resources available to help you achieve your goals. Remember to research different options and choose a path that fits your needs and budget. 

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