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Property manager qualifications | UK

A guide to property manager qualifications in the UK

If you plan on becoming a property manager, you may need some training and qualifications, depending on where you plan to manage properties. England and Northern Ireland don’t have specific qualification requirements, but Wales and Scotland insist on completing the minimum training.

What qualifications do you need to become a property manager?

When it comes to property manager qualifications, UK offers a wide range of online and in-person property management qualifications and training. Before signing up for a property management course in the UK, make sure it fits your goals. If you want to improve your job prospects, check with potential employers first to see what they prefer. If you're thinking about starting your own property management business, you might need to meet certain training requirements.

Formal qualifications

Starting a property management company in the UK is entirely possible without any formal qualifications such as specific GCSEs, A levels or pursuing a bachelor's or master's degree in the property field. However, before you can start managing the first property, you may need to undertake some level of training.

Property management diplomas and certificates

This list is in no way exhaustive. There are many more options. However, these courses are nationally recognised and will help if you are applying in the areas of UK where certain qualification requirements must be met.

The NFoPP Level 2 Award

Introduction to Residential Property Management Practice, offered by the National Federation of Property Professionals (NFoPP), is designed for individuals seeking to enter the property management field in England and Wales. This entry-level qualification provides a foundational understanding of property management and residential letting for aspiring professionals.

Completion of the program results in a nationally recognised qualification comparable to a GCSE and qualifies individuals for membership with the Association of Residential Letting Agents (ARLA). Typically completed within 12-18 months, the program entails approximately 90 hours of study time. 

SCQF Level 5 Award (Scotland)

The SCQF Level 5 Award in Introduction to Residential Property Management Practice caters to individuals in Scotland aiming to delve into property management and residential letting. This distance learning qualification allows flexibility in exam preparation, with qualification certificates typically dispatched to registered postal addresses three weeks after the final exam. Recognised by ARLA, this qualification is aligned with their membership standards.

Completion of this qualification generally spans 12-18 months, with an estimated study time of 90 hours. Candidates have a three-year window from registration to pass all units. Examinations, administered in multiple-choice format, are computer-based at designated test centres. 

Level 3 Award

Designed for individuals in England and Wales, the Level 3 Award in Residential Letting and Property Management offers a deeper understanding of property management and residential letting. Recognised by ARLA for membership and listed as a training criterion by Rent Smart Wales, this qualification requires approximately 120 hours of study over 12-18 months. Candidates must complete all units and sit for exams within three years of course registration, with qualification certificates typically available three weeks after the final exam. 

Level 4 Certificate

Geared towards senior property and letting managers in England and Wales, the Level 4 Certificate for Residential Letting & Property Management offers advanced expertise in the field. Prerequisite to this course is the Level 3 Award to ensure foundational knowledge. Recognised nationally and akin to a higher education certificate, this qualification spans 18-36 months, requiring approximately 260 hours of study. Candidates must complete exams within three years of registration or may need to re-register. 

Minimum training requirements for property managers in Scotland and Wales

In Scotland, property managers must meet certain minimum training requirements and similarly, in Wales, property managers must comply with the requirements of the Rent Smart Wales scheme. 


Irrespective of any property agent qualifications you might have already, you’ll still need to complete 7.5 hours of training which you can do online or in person. The course can be completed either directly through Rent Smart Wales or through an approved external training provider. The training must be completed before you apply for your property agent licence. 

Before you can register you have to make sure that everyone in your business who needs to has the correct training.


Scotland has the most complex rules but they do take into account previous qualifications. If you've already obtained qualifications you will need to be at (or at the equivalent of) Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework (SCQF) level 6 or above.

If these qualifications are over 3 years old when you apply, you will need to undertake additional training before gaining your property management licence.

Property manager insurance

If you are planning on starting up your property management business, you will need to get professional indemnity insurance for property managers. Not just because it is a smart thing to do, it also happens to be a requirement in most parts of the UK either by the local authorities or redress schemes.

Property management insurance.
Property management insurance

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