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DJ liability insurance one day
Insurance 101

Is it possible to get DJ insurance for one day?

It’s possible but it’s not common, nor is it cost effective. When it comes to DJ liability insurance one day coverage tends to be relatively expensive because it is not what insurers like.

The cost of a liability claim usually runs into thousands whereas a one day cover brings in a very small premium. That is why buying one day DJ insurance several times a year could quickly exceed the cost of a yearly cover.

What is the alternative to DJ insurance for a day?

The best way to go is with an insurance provider that offers cover on a monthly basis which can be easily changed or cancelled without any extra charges.

Often enough the cost of one month is the same or can be even lower than when buying DJ public liability insurance for one night only. Especially if you find your gigs tend to concentrate in certain times of the year like the wedding season or during Christmas and New Year year time. In those circumstances a monthly DJ insurance is perfect for you.

Suited is designed that way and quite a few DJs have subscribed, unsubscribe and subscribe again. Those who also insure their equipment and need it all year around simply ‘hibernate’ their liability insurance when not gigging. It saves them money.

Insurance for professional DJs

Many DJs only focus on public liability insurance as that is what venues will typically require. But if you DJ for money rather than just fun, it is wise to consider including self-employed professional indemnity insurance with your cover.

There are risks associated with being a performer and certain claims may be made against you as a result of an alleged professional mistake.

If you decide to take up professional indemnity insurance, remember you are covered only if you still have it in place when a claim is made against you. In other words if straight after a gig you cancel it, you won’t be protected.

It is common for professional indemnity claims to materialise later. For example a venue might receive a compensation claim for causing disturbance. That claim might land on your doorstep if the venue decides it was the volume at which you play music that’s at fault.

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