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IT contracts outside IR35

10 websites with IT contracts outside IR35

IT contracts outside IR35 are the goldmine of IT contractors. Recruitment companies and job sites recognise the trend and some offer this focus to those looking for these roles.

Job sites

With jobs sites the work is on you to keep an eye on what is on offer at any given time. Surprisingly the market isn’t exactly crowded when looking for quality job sites specifically offering IT jobs outside IR35.

The larger names simply included relevant categories or enabled searches on this criteria. That means you have to do a bit of sifting before you get the right results. Here are some links already configured for you on the “IT contracts outside IR35”:

CW Jobs

At any given time this site has several thousands of IT contracts advertised but only a handful will be outside IR35 IT contracts. Frustratingly the site doesn’t offer a category or search criteria to identify those roles. Use the field for job, title, skill or company to filter your results.


another established site revolving around IT contracts which makes it a little easier for you to find the right IT contract jobs outside IR35.

Outside IR35 Roles

This is a newer site focusing on the outside IR35 contract niche and filters results from other jobs sites but it also invites recruiters to directly advertise. Handy if you can rely on the currency of the results.


Helps you identify roles outside IR35 but unfortunately no filter by industry and location.

ProContract Jobs

Has a fair few IT jobs outside IR35 but unfortunately the link we provided doesn’t offer the filter within. You’ll need to set your own criteria and hit search on the website.


Reed seem to have the highest number of outside IR35 IT roles. Just hit the link and you’ll see the latest list.

CV Library

A close second with regards to the number of relevant outside IR35 results.

Recruitment agencies

It pays to submit your up to date CV to agencies that have a fair few IT jobs outside IR35 because instead of you having to check from time to time, they’ll be contacting you with the latest listings.


LaFosse is an agency that offers roles in a number industries but they are strong in the IT space as well.


Hays have a handful of jobs in the IT industry outside the legislation.

Michael Page

Michael Page is the same as Hays above, only a handful of relevant jobs.

Is it easy to get IT contracts outside IR35?

Unfortunately out of all the IT contracts, only a fraction are classed outside IR35. As a result planning your future around being an IT contractor intending to stay outside the legislation for the tax efficiency reasons may become increasingly tough. 

Remember that as an independent IT contractor working via a limited company, you’ll probably need an accountant specialising in contractors and may need IT contractor insurance or limited company professional indemnity insurance depending your your contract.

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