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What insurance do I need for my cleaning business

What insurance do I need for my cleaning business?

Access to someone else’s home or office comes with certain risks, and you must protect yourself against the associated risks. The insurance you need for your cleaning business starts with asking the right questions and using the answers to build your business insurance cover.

Is there a risk that your cleaning business could cause property damage or injury?

There is always a risk for a cleaning business to be accused of causing an injury or property damage. However, some types of cleaning businesses will face increased exposure if, for example, the staff works with ladders or ropes at height. 

Public liability insurance for cleaners

Sometimes, you may be prepared to correct your mistake by, say, replacing a damaged item or painting over a scratch on a wall. However, sometimes, the blame for property damage or injury can be laid at your feet even though it wasn’t your fault. 

This is when public liability insurance comes in. It protects your cleaning business against accusations of causing an injury or property damage by giving you access to legal advice and defence. It will also pay compensation if you’re found liable.

Does your cleaning business depend on certain business equipment and tools?

Some cleaning equipment and tools can be quite costly to replace or repair. This particularly applies to business equipment on hire, such as the latest model of a carpet cleaner. The associated charges with replacement or repair can often be quite high.

Business equipment & tools insurance

Most insurance providers offer some level of cover to protect your cleaning business's tools. However, always read the terms and conditions. Ensure that your policy exclusions don’t limit how you work and protect your tools at places where you usually use or store your equipment.

Does your cleaning business employ people?

The definition of an employee in the UK is quite wide and goes well beyond someone on your payroll.

Employers’ liability insurance

In the UK, employers' liability insurance is a legal requirement for anyone who works under your control and supervision, whether paid or not. That includes employees, freelancers, temps, volunteers, and helpers.

Could your cleaning business face unpaid invoices, contractual disputes or tax investigations?

A cleaning business has many relationships throughout its life cycle - HMRC, customers, employees, suppliers, and more. 

These relationships can sometimes turn sour and may result in issues such as:

  • Contract breach accusations
  • Employment disputes
  • Unpaid invoices
  • Trespassing claims
  • Accusations of theft

Commercial legal expenses

This cover is a really good backup for business-related matters that are not typically covered by other legal covers. The other advantage of commercial legal expenses is that it isn’t just for your defence. You can use it to bring a case against a third party, for example, a supplier who took your money but failed to deliver the materials.

Could a significant injury put your cleaning business at risk?

Running a cleaning business comes with a reasonable risk of serious injury. You or a member of your staff might fall down the stairs or suffer a serious allergic reaction to one of the products. 

Personal accident insurance

As the name suggests, this cover helps out financially if a worker suffer a serious accident. It will either pay a weekly amount until you’ve recovered or offer a one-off payment that should bridge over the difficult period.

In conclusion

There are a few other insurance covers out there aimed at cleaning businesses but the above guide should answer for you what essential insurance you need for your cleaning business.

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