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Professional indemnity insurance for counsellors UK
Professional indemnity insurance for counsellors UK
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The problem

Counsellors and therapists face many risks

Financial claims from unhappy clients

Helping people deal with emotional problems or trauma requires undivided attention and delicate approach which inevitably carries risks.

Damage to your work equipment

If you're using a laptop or computer to store your clients' files, you depend on your work equipment. Could you afford to pay for the repair or replacement?

Client injury on your premises

If you see clients face to face at your premises, there are risks of trips or falls during a session with you.

Accussation of overstepping the boundaries

As a counsellor you conduct a lot of one on one sessions. If you say something that's taken the wrong way, you may find yourself facing a legal claim.

Counselling insurance UK

You need counsellors insurance that's low cost, flexible and protects you against claim of wrongdoing

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Counselling insurance UK
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Covers to consider

How much does counselling insurance cost?

Choosing the right insurance for you depends on the size and nature of your business. Key insurance covers counsellors should consider include:

Self employed professional indemnity insurance
Professional indemnity

from £7.41 per month

Provides you with legal defence against claims of professional mistake or negligence causing a financial loss to your clients.

Up to £2,000,000 cover

Zero excess

Dedicated legal team

A+ insurer

Competitive prices

Self employed professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity

from £8.63 per month

Provides you with legal defence against claims of professional mistake or negligence causing a financial loss to your clients.

Up to £2,000,000 cover

Zero excess

Dedicated legal team

A+ insurer

Competitive prices

Self employed public liability insurance.
Public liability

from +£4.76 per month

Protects your business against claims of causing an accidental injury or property damage to either your clients or a third party.

Up to £2,000,000 cover including products liability

No excess

Expert legal team

A+ specialist insurers

Covers claims against your client caused by your business

Business equipment insurance.
Electronic business equipment

from +£9.24 per month

Pays for repair or replacement if your portable electronic equipment (and accessories) get damaged or lost.

Equipment up to £10,000 cover (£3,500 per item)

Accessories are included (£500 per item)

Hired equipment is covered

Worldwide - your devices are covered anywhere you are

Personal accident insurance.
Business owner protect

from +£10.07 per month

Reimburses your taxable business expenses while you’re recovering from a serious illness or injury.

Up to £2,000 a month

Up to 6 months following the first 30 days of illness

Any tax deductible expenses included

Receive a lump sump payout if you suffer an accident leaving you with partial or total disablement:

£5,000 lump sum

Fast customer service

Quick payout

Answer 4 questions then select the policies and limits you need.
Answer 4 questions then select the policies and limits you need.
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Legal Expenses
Included as standard

With every policy subscription we also include Business Legal Protect. This means from the moment you sign up you gain immediate access to extra support services.

Commercial legal expenses insurance.
Business legal protect

Cover of £100,000 commercial legal expenses included with your policy subscription.

Protects you and your business against a range of issues not typically covered by professional indemnity or public liability.

IR35 & HMRC investigations

Legal matters concerning your business

Negative PR (£25,000 cover)

Criminal prosecution

Compliance & regulation issues

Unpaid invoices (over £200)

Also includes free telephone advice & help from qualified professionals.

Tax and commercial legal advice

Counselling for you and your staff

Access to a legal template library

Identity theft assistance

In detail

What to look for in insurance for counsellors and therapists?

By the nature of their work counsellors and therapists are exposed on a daily basis to clients who don't feel themselves and are in need of someone else's guidance to get emotionally and mentally better.

That is an important responsibility which increases the risk of being faced with an unhappy client. If you’re treating clients, face to face or online, as a self employed counsellor, you absolutely need insurance for counsellors.

Counselling liability insurance

There is a number of good reasons why every independent counsellor should protect themselves with counselling liability insurance. If you're working for yourself, any mishap with your clients is on you.

Being on the front line, you may face a variety of claims: breach of confidentiality, causing an injury, failing to provide an adequate duty of care. We said it above - dealing with emotionally challenged clients brings about a higher risk of facing a litigious situation.

If you happen to be or are aspiring to become a member of an association or a professional body, the requirement may be that you have certain types of insurance in place.

Professional indemnity insurance for counsellors is usually a must have and in some cases public liability is recommended as well. Another reason to have insurance for counsellors is to increase the level of trust. Your clients, knowing that you take a professional approach to your business, might feel more inclined to book you over the next counsellor. In other words something worth mentioning on your website.

Professional indemnity insurance for counsellors

This is a key cover for counselling profession. The elements to look for in counsellor professional indemnity insurance is what you are covered for and where.

  • In the first instance it is important that bodily injury or death aren't excluded. Rare as it is, that would be the most significant claim you could face in your career.
  • Secondly, you need to consider where you treat your clients. If you are travelling around the world because your services are niche, ensure that your policy covers your work in the required parts of the world.

Professional indemnity is a legal cover which will step in you're facing a legal threat from one of your clients. It will offer a qualified legal advice and representation as well as pay any compensation if due.

Public liability insurance for counsellors

The next essential cover is public liability insurance for counsellors. Vast majority of counsellors will be meeting their clients either at home, the clients' home or in an office.

Public liability takes care of instances where your client may have had an accident and is now asking for compensation. Alternatively you managed to knock over that Ming vase and you are being asked to pay for it.

In other words PL cover provides legal defence and covers a possible payout if you're found liable for property damage or causing an injury.

Other covers depend on your personal circumstances. Do you own a laptop that you carry around, do you have employees, do you have an office, what would happen if you were taken ill? All these are considerations when using insurance to protect your living.

Selecting counsellor insurance limits

If you're part of a membership organisation, it is likely to have a condition as to how much your PI cover limit has to be.

Some require as high as £2,000,000.

If you're independent, it's a bit trickier. You'll need to consider your level of qualification, experience, history of disputes with your clients and the type of therapy you provide.

Some insurance providers offer as little £50,000 of cover which might be tempting as the cost will be very manageable. However, with the rising cost of legal services, would this amount go far enough to cover solicitors' fees and a possible compensation?

Don't forget that public liability insurance is just as important for counsellors, especially if you're treating your clients face to face and participate in public events. Please have a read about what it covers and how useful it could be to your business.

In this section

Common questions

Is professional indemnity insurance compulsory for counsellors?

Counsellors are not required by law to have a PI cover in place.

Will the work of my employees be covered by Suited therapists & counsellors insurance?

Yes, any work by bonafide employees of your business is covered.

What is the difference between therapy and counselling insurance?

From the insurance point of view these professions are very similar. With Suited you can include both of these professions in your PI and PL cover.

How is the cost of professional indemnity insurance for counsellors and therapists calculated?

At Suited we only take into account your annual turnover, that's it. We do not charge per person. PL cover cost is based on the limit you select.

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