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Insurance for physiotherapists
Insurance for physiotherapists
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The problem

Physiotherapists face many risks

Making an injury worse

Sometimes despite your best endeavours you might be accused and asked to compensate for making your client’s problem worse.

Blame for loss of earnings

If your client alleges that your treatment made them worse and they can’t work, you could be asked to pay for their loss of earnings.

Accusations of failing duty of care

Clients meet you in private settings and they expect a certain code of professional conduct. If they feel that has not been delivered, they can make a legal claims against you.

Threat of being struck off by a regulatory body

Even when not at fault, a complaint from a client or colleague may lead to being struck off an approved list of providers which could cost you your career.

Insurance for physiotherapists

You need insurance for physiotherapists that effectively protects you from accusations of wrongdoing.

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Physiotherapist public liability insurance
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Covers to consider

How much does physiotherapist insurance cost?

Choosing the right insurance for you depends on the size and nature of your business. Key insurance covers physiotherapists should consider include:

Self employed professional indemnity insurance
Professional indemnity

from £7.41 per month

Provides you with legal defence against claims of professional mistake or negligence causing a financial loss to your clients.

Up to £2,000,000 cover

Zero excess

Dedicated legal team

A+ insurer

Competitive prices

Self employed professional indemnity insurance

Professional indemnity

from £8.63 per month

Provides you with legal defence against claims of professional mistake or negligence causing a financial loss to your clients.

Up to £2,000,000 cover

Zero excess

Dedicated legal team

A+ insurer

Competitive prices

Self employed public liability insurance.
Public liability

from +£4.76 per month

Protects your business against claims of causing an accidental injury or property damage to either your clients or a third party.

Up to £2,000,000 cover including products liability

No excess

Expert legal team

A+ specialist insurers

Covers claims against your client caused by your business

Business equipment insurance.
Electronic business equipment

from +£9.24 per month

Pays for repair or replacement if your portable electronic equipment (and accessories) get damaged or lost.

Equipment up to £10,000 cover (£3,500 per item)

Accessories are included (£500 per item)

Hired equipment is covered

Worldwide - your devices are covered anywhere you are

Personal accident insurance.
Business owner protect

from +£10.07 per month

Reimburses your taxable business expenses while you’re recovering from a serious illness or injury.

Up to £2,000 a month

Up to 6 months following the first 30 days of illness

Any tax deductible expenses included

Receive a lump sump payout if you suffer an accident leaving you with partial or total disablement:

£5,000 lump sum

Fast customer service

Quick payout

Answer 4 questions then select the policies and limits you need.
Answer 4 questions then select the policies and limits you need.
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Legal Expenses
Included as standard

With every policy subscription we also include Business Legal Protect. This means from the moment you sign up you gain immediate access to extra support services.

Commercial legal expenses insurance.
Business legal protect

Cover of £100,000 commercial legal expenses included with your policy subscription.

Protects you and your business against a range of issues not typically covered by professional indemnity or public liability.

IR35 & HMRC investigations

Legal matters concerning your business

Negative PR (£25,000 cover)

Criminal prosecution

Compliance & regulation issues

Unpaid invoices (over £200)

Also includes free telephone advice & help from qualified professionals.

Tax and commercial legal advice

Counselling for you and your staff

Access to a legal template library

Identity theft assistance

In detail

Physiotherapy business insurance

By the nature of your profession you often find yourself in the company of people who are in pain, physical discomfort and possibly stressed.

That is a tricky start to anyone’s job, let alone a physiotherapist whose job is to make the problem go away. The client expectations are high but they’re not alway prepared to put the required work in. The result? You are being blamed for lack of progress or worse, exacerbating their condition.

Physiotherapists need insurance to protect themselves and their businesses from potential financial losses resulting from unexpected events or incidents that may occur in the course of their work.

Why do physiotherapists need insurance?

It is usually a requirement for any physiotherapists registered with a professional body to have certain types of insurance.

And even if you are not registered, it would be unwise to practise without liability insurance. There have been plenty of claims against physiotherapists over the years and they tend to be quite costly. Common causes are:

  1. Alleged malpractice: A patient claims that the physiotherapist failed to diagnose a serious condition or provided incorrect treatment, resulting in further injury or harm to the patient.

Sara is a professional martial arts instructor who needed to engage a physio to sort out a minor injury. However, the advice and treatment led to a further more serious injury which has prevented Sara from earning a living. She is now making a compensation claim against her physio for the cost of past and further treatment as well as the loss of earnings.

  1. Accidental injury: A patient suffers an injury during a physiotherapy session, such as a fall or strain, and makes a claim against the physiotherapist for compensation.
  2. Professional misconduct: A physiotherapist is accused of unprofessional conduct, such as breaching patient confidentiality or engaging in inappropriate behaviour during a treatment session.

Professional indemnity insurance for physiotherapists

Also known as physiotherapy malpractice insurance, this cover offers legal protection against the scenarios mentioned above.

Whether ar fault or not, under professional indemnity insurance for physiotherapists you will receive qualified legal help to defend your position. And if it comes to it, the insurance will also pay any compensation due.

This is one of the covers very likely required by regulators of the industry, insurance companies sending you referrals and other business partners such as GPs.

When selecting the right cover, look through the exclusions, make sure the policy excess isn’t too high and the reputation of the provider is good.

Public liability insurance for physiotherapists

Unless you practise online only, as a physiotherapist, you will have face to face contact with your clients. It would be unwise not to consider public liability insurance to protect yourself against accusations of causing an accidental injury or property damage.

Public liability insurance is also a legal cover which responds to claims of causing an accidental harm to someone or their property. That someone could be your client but it could also be a third party who you come in contact with during the course of your work.

Other insurances to consider

Business equipment insurance

Physiotherapy is getting a lot more technical and some equipment can be quite costly these days.

If damaging or even losing an expensive piece of equipment would mean a financial strain on your bank balance, consider reducing the risk with business equipment insurance.

Income protection for physiotherapists

In order to earn, you have to be physically present at your work. That may not be possible if you’re very ill and unable to work.

It is therefore wise to consider the financial burden if the illness should take longer to recover from. How would you financially cope?

Even if you practise what you preach to your client, you are not immune to an unexpected illness. Income protection insurance can be a welcome safety net during those times and can provide a substitute financial help for up to a year or until you’re well again to work.

Personal accident insurance

This is another layer to your health backup plan. Serious accidents are rare but more serious for you, a physio, who needs their body to do their job.

You may need a quick cash injection to get you over the worst and perhaps give you time to reconsider your future options. That’s what personal accident cover provides, a quick one off payment. It is usually very cost effective starting at a price of less than a cup of coffee a month.

Life insurance for physiotherapists

If you are working for yourself, you are not receiving any employee benefits such as death in service benefit. Therefore protecting your loved ones against the worse is that much more critical.

No one wants to think about the worst but as a self-employed physiotherapist with a family, it’s essential to consider what would happen to them.

Talk your situation through with a life insurance specialist. They can take you through all the options and, if you decide to go down that route, help you design cover to protect your family.

In this section

Common questions

If I ask another physiotherapist to cover my session, will it be covered by my insurance?

Suited professional indemnity insurance for physiotherapists does cover subcontractors’ work. However, your subcontractors should be also suitably qualified and insured.

Will Suited physiotherapist insurance cover my past work?

Yes if you make that selection when buying with Suited for the first time. You can go back 6 years.

I’m going back to being employed again, can I cancel my Suited insurance?

Yes you can but before you do so consider whether you should maintain your professional indemnity insurance for a period of time. Claims are not always made against you straight away and without valid PI cover, you’re not protected. With Suited you can opt to hibernate your cover, meaning you pay less while staying insured for the past as long as you require.

Is professional indemnity insurance for physiotherapists the same as physiotherapy malpractice insurance?

Yes, these are two different names for the same insurance cover.

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