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Insurance for massage therapist.
Insurance for massage therapist.
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The problem

Massage therapists face many risks

Claims you did more damage than good

Your client claims the treatment didn't yield the expected benefits or accuses you of causing them an injury by being negligent - you might be facing a demand for a financial compensation.

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Accusation of inappropriate conduct

Getting close and personal is your job but a gesture or something you say could be easily misunderstood.

Accidental client injury

Falling off a table, tripping over a towel are accidents that have happened and some led to claims of compensation.

Failing your duty of care

A client says you failed to establish their pre-existing medical condition and proceeded with incorrect treatement.

You need insurance for massage therapists that's low cost, flexible and protects you against compensation claim.

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covers to consider

What insurance do massage therapists need?

Choosing the right insurance for you depends on the size and nature of your business. Key insurance covers massage therapists should consider include:

Professional indemnity

Provides you with legal defence against claims of mistakes, failing duty of care, or saying the wrong thing.

Business legal protect

Provides you with legal and tax support as well as qualified advice in a number of specialist areas designed for the self employed.

Public liability

Protects your business against claims of causing an injury or property damage to a third party.

Finding the right cover

Picking your liability insurance for massage therapists

Every massage therapist risks of being accused either by their clients of causing an injury, property damage or professional misconduct (giving the wrong advice, incorrect treatment or similar).

Therefore in this article we focus on professional liability, the riskiest aspect of massage therapy.

There are plenty of situations that can give rise to a claim from an unhappy client.

Sometimes it is a fine line whether such a claim should fall under professional indemnity cover or public liability cover, the two key elements of insurance for massage therapists.

We look at the reasons why have both of these covers in your legal arsenal.

Professional indemnity insurance for massage therapists

Professional indemnity insurance is a legal cover which defends your professional conduct.

We've already mentioned some risk examples above and there are many more scenarios during which you could face a claim from a client.

Many clients seek treatment when they have a problem. That in itself represents a risk for you. If you deliver treatment that exacerbates the issue further, you're very likely to face a comeback from the client.

At best they'll ask for their money back and leave you with a bad review. On the other end of the scale they might engage a lawyer and try to sue you for compensation.

A massage is a very personal and close contact situation. Despite your best endeavours you might make a client feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. It is quite rare that a professional masseuse is accused of inappropriate conduct but some clients can be extremely sensitive and may claim you've touched them inappropriately or caused emotional stress.

Reasons to add public liability insurance for massage therapists

Public liability insurance is also a legal cover but designed for slightly different circumstances. Public liability protects you if you've accidentally caused an injury or property damage.

That is why adding public liability insurance to your professional indemnity offers a very robust legal protection.

You will have someone to fight your corner (legally speaking) at no costs to you if faced with a claim from an enraged client. In other words any legal costs, and a possible compensation if you're found liable, will be paid for by the insurers.

Remember that if you sell products (e.g. massage oils) with your services, your public liability should also include products liability. Suited PL cover offers both elements as standard.

A rolled up towel.

You will have someone to fight your corner (legally speaking) at no costs to you if faced with a claim from an enraged client. In other words any legal costs, and a possible compensation if you're found liable, will be paid for by the insurers.

Remember that if you sell products (e.g. massage oils) with your services, your public liability should also include products liability. Suited PL cover offers both elements as standard.

How can massage therapists protect themselves?

With public liability and professional indemnity insurance massage therapists can feel safer in difficult client circumstances but you can minimise the risk further and protect yourself with the following steps:

  • Before treating a client for the first time, quiz them thoroughly about their current state of health, allergies, and why they're seeking your services.
  • Make notes of your findings and then explain to the client what you'll be doing and why. Ensure the client is comfortable with your approach.
  • Keep checking in with client during the treatment to ensure you're not causing any pain or discomfort.
  • Don't be afraid to say no. If your professional instinct tells you, the client may not be the best candidate for your services or the client is in need of expertise exceeding your own qualifications, refund them their money and let them go.

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Keep in mind

How does liability insurance protect massage therapists?

When thinking about buying insurance for massage therapists, while a competitive price is always welcome, don't choose a product just because it's cheap. When the price is too low, you'll need to take extra care to read the small print, especially what is excluded and what would happen if you had a claim.

Suited professional indemnity professional indemnity insurance for massage professionals (as well as public liability) cover is built on three pillars. They cover all your legal costs incurred in your defence, they pay compensation if you're found liable and they provide you with a qualified legal team right from the beginning so that the issue you're facing is dealt with quickly and to everyone's satisfaction.

The insurer behind both covers holds an A+ rating which means very good financial stability and they pride themselves on their positive attitude to claims. Customer experience is one of their priorities as is providing the right expertise. This is why both covers extend to the services of an international law firm experienced in dealing with PL and PI claims. They'll represent your interest during a possible claim situation.

In addition Suited professional indemnity insurance for massage therapists comes with an extra section for business legal expenses - Business Legal Protect - which is designed to help you deal with tax issues (e.g. HMRC disputes), negative PR, and other commercial legal matters not typically covered by PI or PL insurance.

Business legal protect
Included with your insurance

When you decide to protect your business with Suited we want you to get more than just insurance. That's why with every policy subscription we include Business Legal Protect. From the moment you sign up you gain access to extra support services which are all part of our price.

£100k of legal cover
  • IR35 & HMRC investigations
  • Legal matters concerning your business
  • Negative PR (£25,000 cover)
  • Criminal prosecution
  • Compliance & regulation issues
  • Unpaid invoices (over £200)
Telephone helplines
  • Free tax advice
  • Free commercial legal advice
  • Counselling for you and your staff
  • Access to a legal template library
  • Identity theft assistance

How much does insurance for massage therapists cost?

Price depends on many factors including business activity, the cover you choose and the level of protection (also known as the limit). With Suited you can mix and match covers and limits. Below are some cover examples, but you will be able to build your own.


Business activity

Massage therapy


per month


per month


per month

Professional indemnity

Our core cover, to protect you and your business if you make a mistake in the course of your work, say something wrong about a client, or are accused of being negligent and your client says it has cost them money.


Business Legal Protect

A commercial legal expenses insurance there to protect you and your business from commercial disputes, legal claims, IR35 investigations, HMRC enquiries, criminal prosecutions, negative PR and identity theft. It also offers free and confidential tax, legal and counselling assistance whenever you need it.

with professional indemnity
with professional indemnity
with professional indemnity

Public liability

Defends your business against legal threats from third parties claiming you’ve caused them injury or property damage. Suited PL cover also pays compensation if due.

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Common questions

Can I get massage therapy business insurance without qualifications?

If you wish to buy Suited insurance, you have to be suitably  qualified or have years of relevant experience for a professional body.

What massage therapist insurance do I need?

Have a read of the article above which will hopefully explain the reasons in more detail.

Why is public liability insurance important to a massage therapist?

If, for example, you are a sports massage therapist insurance for any liability as a result of a regular contact with the public, their property or your clients is important. PL cover protects you against accidentally causing an injury or property damage while at work.

Are there legal requirements for UK massage therapists?

There are no qualification or insurance requirements by the UK law but both are highly advisable if you want to provide this service to clients.

If I subcontract to another massage therapist, will their work be covered by Suited PI insurance?

SUITED Professional Indemnity for massage therapists does cover your subcontractors as long as you have a written contract in place with the scope of the work clearly defined. It is always highly recommended that you check your subcontractor has the right qualifications and a PI cover in place for the type of work that they’re taking on.

Can I cancel or change my massage therapist insurance anytime?

Yes, Suited cover is arranged on a flexible monthly basis. You can change or walk away from your cover anytime.

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No problem, with Suited you can flex your insurance as your business evolves.

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