Professional indemnity insurance for mobile hairdressers

As a mobile hairdresser, you know the importance of using the sharpest tools – so don’t cut corners when it comes to finding the best insurance for mobile hairdressers.

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Our guide to insurance for mobile hairdressers


What insurance do I need for mobile hairdressing?

Working with the public on their own schedule allows mobile hairdressers to enjoy freedom in their work, but it also comes with a range of responsibilities that could turn into a headache should something go wrong.

By ensuring you and your livelihood are protected by public liability and professional indemnity insurance, you’ll be able to focus on your loyal customers without worrying about an expensive claim that could blunt your business.

Public liabilty

Public liability insurance for mobile hairdressers

Public liability insurance is intended to protect against accidents that result in an injury or property damage. It is an inexpensive cover which provides peace of mind should accidental injury or damage happen while you’re with a client.

Whether it’s a wobbly chair or a slip of the hand, causing accidental injury to a client when they’re in your hands is something no hairdresser wants to experience. With public liability insurance, you can rest assured that any such slip-up won’t result in legal fees that render your business unviable.

As a mobile hairdresser looking at insurance, you’ll be an established and skilled hairdresser with a business worth protecting. Should an accident happen while you’re working, public liability insurance will cover legal costs and make sure you are well equipped with legal advice. Any compensation due is also covered.

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Professional Indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance for mobile hairdressers

It takes more than just super-sharp skills and tools to be a successful hairdresser. The most successful mobile hairdresser will be a charming and personable individual who relies on the relationships they build to maintain a regular roster of clients – so you can imagine how much it stings when hardworking hairdressers find themselves on the receiving end of an accusation from a client.

So what is professional indemnity insurance and how can it protect you from a disgruntled client?Professional indemnity insurance will immediately have your back the second you receive an unhappy email, phone call or text threatening to sue you or demanding financial remedy. Your insurers will appoint the appropriate legal aid to review your specific situation and advise you on what to do next.

As a busy mobile hairdresser, we know that there simply isn’t room on your calendar for concerning yourself with the ins-and-outs of the legal system. Professional indemnity insurance acts as a guard to you and your business and will take over all communication between you and the client following a claim, or can work with you to provide a response. This will make sure you can remain focused on your business without any legal blips having a knock-on effect and taking up your precious time.

But the benefits don’t end there. Taking out professional indemnity insurance will make sure all legal costs are taken care of straight away – in other words, there’s no need for you to pay anything at any point unless you wanted to involve your own solicitor. If you do, your insurers will need to approve them first and only pay you back when presented with settled invoices.

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How has insurance for mobile hairdressers helped in the past?

Hairdressers meet all kinds of people in their work, and while this is usually a perk of the job, there’s always going to be people out there with less-than-honest intentions.

Just ask the north London salon who found themselves accused of burning a bald patch onto a client’s scalp back in 2017. The woman had damaged her own scalp while dying her hair at home but tried to sue the salon for £30,000 over her self-inflicted bald spot.

If the salon’s owner was protected by professional indemnity insurance, their legal fees would have been completely covered, with the rogue accusation not causing a single penny to leave the company account. Without professional indemnity insurance, a false accusation against your business could result in legal fees eating into your hard earned profits.


Common Questions

Do mobile hairdressers need insurance?

Hairdressers by nature of their profession work very closely with their clients and as such should consider business liability insurance to protect their reputation and bank balance.

What insurance does a self-employed hairdresser need?

If you are self-employed, it is a good idea to have professional indemnity insurance to protect you from accusations of professional errors or misconduct and public liability insurance to shield from claims of injury or property damage.

What qualifications do you need to be a mobile hairdresser?

In order to obtain insurance with Suited you need to have demonstrable experience or qualifications.

What does it mean if a hairdresser is mobile?

As opposed to clients coming to your premises for a haircut, you come to them. That may reduce your risk of being sued for an accidental slip or fall but there is a small risk of you causing property damage at your client’s home.


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